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Tiziano Rossetti, born in Rimini in 1971, lives in Montefiore Conca, mediaeval capital of the Conca valley in Italy’s Emilia Romagna, a region rich in history and tradition. Having graduated from catering school in 1988, he trained alongside several famous chefs at renowned restaurants both in Italy and abroad. In Baschi with Gianfranco Vissani, in Parma with Marco Parizzi, in Colmar (France) with Michel Magada, at the Locanda Solarola with Bruno Barbieri, in Lausanne with Adolf Blokbergen, at the Calandre with Massimiliano Alajmo, at Hotel Halkin di London, the Rex in Los Angeles and at Louise’s in Philadelphia.

I have been lucky enough to have known four great chefs who have helped me greatly in my professional, cultural and personal development. The first was Gino Angelini, then executive chef at the Grand Hotel Des Bains in Riccione, where I worked the summer season as a youngster. A native of Romagna, like myself, today Angelini is chef patron of various very successful restaurants in Los Angeles.

It was in Riccione too that I had the great luck of meeting Gualtiero Marchesi, often a guest at the Grand Hotel Des Bains and great friend of Angelini. So it was that, having finished school,

I found myself, at the age of twenty, working in his famous restaurant.

Other key meetings were those with Vincenzo Cammerucci and Fulvio Pierangelini.

I have worked extensively in the role of entremetier, probably because, in Romagna, we have a great tradition of dexterity in the preparation of stuffed pasta and indeed all pasta dishes from which we draw inspiration, creativity and fun.


Avant-garde cuisine is created through experimentation, on the understanding that only very few dishes will be successful and served to the clientele. Those who experiment must have a knowledge of gastronomy, general culture, knowledge of flavors, a great palate and, above all, great freedom so as not to get caught up in their own know how and have the humility to recognize who does a thing better. Nowadays it is easy to find talent in a chef, but this was only made possible thanks to the contribution of Marchesi, who broke down the barriers in search of an innovative concept.


When people ask me what advice I would give to a young cook I tell him not to hurry to become chef de partie. Be in no hurry to become a chef. Do not rush to open a restaurant. You must take the time to learn for as long as you can make the right compromises.


2010 - present

Chef teacher in practical catering and chef teacher in practical training in Italian and English at ALMA, the International School of Italian cuisine - Colorno (PR) in Italy.


2009 . 2010

Executive Chef at the "Sandoway Resort" hotel (5 stars)Ngapali Beach, Myanmar.

In charge of organization, the purchase of raw materials, the planning of the Mediterranean restaurant menu.


2007 . 2009

Executive Chef at the golf club restaurant "Tee restaurant"San Giovanni in Marignano (RN), IT.

In charge of organization, the purchase of raw materials, the planning of the fixed and daily menus: pool bar - room service restaurant.

À la carte service and banqueting.


2005 . 2006

Chef di partie at the “Gambero rosso” restaurant, S. Vincenzo (LI), IT.

Chef Fulvio Pierangelini.


2000 . 2004

Chef at the "Al Palazzo" restaurant, S. Ermete (RN), IT.

  1 Michelin star acquired in 2002.  

In charge of the purchase of raw materials, choosing suppliers, kitchen organization, planning the menu.

À la carte service, tasting menus, small banquets.


1999 . 2000

Second Chef at the "Gualtiero Marchesi" restaurant, Milan, IT

(2 Michelin stars) Chef Gualtiero Marchesi.

Coordination and management of the different partie leaders.In charge of purchasing raw materials and supplier relationships.


1998 . 1999

Secondo Chef presso il ristorante “Acero rosso”

(1 stella Michelin) Rimini, IT.

Chef Fabio Rossi.

Responsabile acquisti materie prime. Responsabile delle operatività tecniche svolte dalle diverse partite.


2006 . 2007

Chef at the “Palazzo Viviani” restaurant, Montegridolfo (RN), IT.


1996 . 1997

Chef at the restaurant “Louise’s”, Washington D.C., USA.

Consultency by Mauri Vincenti.


1995 . 1996

Second Chef at the “Rex” restaurant, Los Angeles, USA.

Chef Gino Angelini.


1993 . 1994

Chef de partie at the “Halkin” hotel, London, UK.

Consultency by Gualtiero Marchesi.


1990 . 1993

Chef de partie at the “Grand Hotel Des Bains”, Riccione (RN), IT.

Chef Gino Angelini.


1987 . 1989

Commis de cuisine at the "La Grotta" restaurant, Brisighella (RA), IT.

Chef Vincenzo Cammerucci.




Restaurant “Gianfranco Vissani” (2 Michelin stars), Baschi (TR), IT

Chef Gianfranco Vissani.

Restaurant “Parizzi”, Parma, IT

Chef Patrick Massera.

Restaurant “Le Restaurant”, Colmar, FR

Chef Michel Magada.

Restaurant “Locanda Solarola” (2 Michelin stars), Bologna, IT

Chef Bruno Barbieri.

Restaurant Relaix Chateaux “Le Raisin” (2 Michelin stars), Cully, Lausanne, CH - Chef Adof Blokbergen.

Restaurant “Le Calandre” (3 Michelin stars), Padova, IT

Chef Massimiliano Alajmo.



2011: “Buona la cucina italiana”, KDU culinary college, Hong Kong.

Chef responsabile for the promotion of Italian cuisine.

2011: Responsible for the organization of the charity dinner at the Italian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

2008: “Squisito”, San Patrignano (RN), IT

2007: “Cheese”, Bra (CN), IT

2006: “Salone del gusto”, Torino, IT

2001-2002: “Festa Aurtusiana”, Forlimpopoli (FO), IT

1995: “Festival della cucina romagnola”, Hotel Conrad, Istanbul, TR


Collaboration with "Bargiornale": cooking demonstrations at food and wine fairs in Parma and Genoa.



Istituto Professionale per i Servizi dell’Enogastronomia e dell’Ospitalità Alberghiera “S. Savioli” di Riccione (RN), IT.

Istituto Professionale per i Servizi Alberghieri e Ristorazione di Cervia (RA), IT.


Member of Eurotoques since 1987

The chef has, for years, prided himself on his collaboration with major Italian and foreign chefs. He manages and coordinates teamwork with success, constantly promoting the distinguishing features of its employees. As he likes to point out, "I always manage to get the full confidence of my team, and its best performance."His priority is to satisfy a highly demanding clientele. His in-depth education has, today, made him an experienced chef, highly trained in cooking techniques and catering management.


Fundamental then are his relationships with his customers, his attention to methods of communication and the processes of risk control analysis.


In 2002, while working at the "Al Palace" restaurant in the heart of Romagna, comes the prestigious Michelin star.

Since 2010 he has been teaching cooking techniques and raw materials at the Alma International School of Italian Cuisine directed by Gualtiero Marchesi.

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